An energetic and diverse motorcycle community with roots from Eastern North Carolina.
Our purpose is to set an example of good motorcycling as an organization so that people
who are new to the sport can recognize proper motorcycling ethics. We also create and
support efforts to uplift the community.  We also provide public relations on proper
motorcycling safety and ethics. But most of all, we enjoy and love the sport. Our
membership extends within the bounds of NC, VA and MD.  Presently. SHO NUFF Ryders
MC is comprised of two chapters.  The Metro Chapter membership reside within the
boundaries of Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia.  The Carolina Chapter membership
resides within the state of North Carolina.

For those interested in being affiliated in membership with SHO NUFF Ryders MC, please
contact one of the members or send an email to the club's email address.
"What we love to do and why!"